The In Practice Podcast

Ep 1 - Nicholas Tuttle, musician

January 20, 2019

Nicholas Tuttle (@nicholas_tuttle_guitar_studio) is a career musician, performer, and the owner of the Nicholas Tuttle Guitar Studio in Cincinnati, which has grown an impressive community around itself. He’s passionate and extremely talented in playing a wide range of styles, and he’s equally enthusiastic in developing his students to their ultimate potential. We covered topics from ‘the muse’, practicing guitar like yoga, the undeniable supremacy of rhythm, influences, apps, and life lessons.

Follow up:

iReal Pro - android
iReal Pro - apple
Drum Genius - android
Drum Genius - apple
Funk Drummer - apple
Patterning - apple

Nicholas Tuttle Guitar Studio
Instagram (@nicholas_tuttle_guitar_studio)

Mahivishnu Orchestra - Apocalypse
Freddie King - Going Down
John Gentry Jr.

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